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Our team is formed by university graduates with a wide experience on business management, and we have got continuing training plans to update our expertise.


Woking on various backgrounds in the business field for years allows us to supply our clients with a complementary and wider viewpoint.


  • We approach the company needs.
  • We appreciate and discuss each point.
  • We draw a program and a work schedule.
  • We monitor the progress and achieving of every objective.
  • We analyse the information and settle decisions on accordance.


With our perspective ability as external professionals we can analyse the company or business situation from a different and complementary angle.

After years of practising the profession in the business field, we have collected proof experiences that we offer to our clients with our services.

Our intervention consists on being implied in order to achieve the aimed objectives, and on having customized work schedules. Our collaboration has a wide range of services related to business management and the inside functional areas.

Econtrol Assessors i Consultors, S.L.

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