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ECONTROL is a consultancy and advising firm located at Granollers (Barcelona). Its aim is to provide professional countrywide services.

Its star-up was on 1995, by the thrust of various professionals with reputable trajectory in several companies, on national and international wide, from the industrial and services sectors. Since then, the firm has continuously supplied consultancy and advising, giving to the companies its professional knowledge and its gained experience on the different areas of business management.

Our clients, belonging to the industrial, business and services sector, have different management sizes and problems.

The firm has a consolidated team of professionals, university graduates, highly qualified, with spirit of service and years of experience. They appropriate the idea of work well done that characterizes us.

ECONTROL gives an answer to several aspects of the dairy company management with integrated services that avoid the dispersion of interlocutors and promote effective decision making. Our politic is to offer a high quality, which consists on planning, managing and coordinating our professional team and that we customise depending on each client needs or conveniences.

Econtrol Assessors i Consultors, S.L.

c/ Mataró, 29-31, 2º 2ª P.I. Jordi Camp 08403 Granollers - Barcelona - Spain

tel. +34 93 879 26 93 Fax +34 93 860 16 55 e-mail: