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Our experience and involvement with clients allow us to help companies on tax saving in accordance with current legislation, by a good tax planning.

These are some of our services:

  • Procedures and payment of tax liabilities:
    • Income tax - Calculation of yield and advance payments.
    • Wealth tax.
    • Corporation tax.
    • VAT - Declarations y fractioned payment.
    • Trade income tax - Registrations, changes, unregistrations.
    • Companies' census.
  • Deferred payments.
  • Fiscal revision.
    • Table of tax bases and declared quotas.
    • Correlation of accounting.
    • Application of fiscally deductible depreciations.
    • Application of tax incentives.
    • Deduction and accounting criteria for allocation of revenue expenditure.
    • Fiscal contingency evaluation.
  • Tax consultancy and planning:
    • Criteria for multi-year allocation.
    • Tax incentives.
    • Suitable depreciation systems.
    • Finance providers for investments under tax criteria (mortgages, leasing, renting, loans, etc.).
    • Tax quota to be declared by the company after analysing and making the most convenient estimate.
  • Analysis or fiscal advice on concrete operations or actions.
    • Swap and change deals.
    • Taxation on securities and real property trades.
    • Wealth transfer and fiscal management.
    • Advice on successions and gifts.
  • Tax update or unlawful situation.
  • Counselling and representation in front of tax inspection.

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